AXOLUTE is the best solution for elegant environments: sophisticated design and advanced technology, add value to the electric system like never before



In one single range three key finishes four cover plate designs (Air, Round, Square, Living international) countless combinations




Arteor is the innovative answer to the increasingly complex requirements in the building business all over the world.


Vitrum is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.
Vitrum brings innovation in terms of design and technology.


Salbei, LeGrand quality and simple, it combines the advantages of a modern design and competitive price.

The long awaited from Legrand; The quality, the color, the appropriate price of switch and socket, complete series of salbei will be very ambitious in the market.

Everything you need responsive functions, anthracite, white, cream, wood, aluminum,roze,titanium,fume,pearl and gold will bring movement to your living space.


The latest addition to the Legrand design and technology, the Raventi wireless wireless charger eliminates the battery problem of smartphones. In today's world, billions of people use smart phones have a common problem. Legrand, which has been activated, continues to make consumers' lives easier with the Raventi USB wireless charger that is produced by using the latest technology


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