CCTV on IP Network

A new generation of IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV technology is appearing onLAN networks that allow several people to view security cameras through a simple click on a computer, or to access a camera that could be across the street or across the country. But as CCTV IP-based cameras—especially high-definition mega-pixel cameras—become more sophisticated, they also bring on new challenges to security and IT managers.

analog & AHD cctv

A traditional set-up where the cameras are connected via coaxial cable to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or monitor. Pros of analog CCTV

Lower initial cost - In most cases, analog cameras cost less up front than IP network cameras.

Wide-spread compatibility - Mixing and matching camera models and surveillance equipment form different manufacturers is easy with an analog CCTV security camera.

Lower initial cost - Analog cameras tend to handle low-light situations better than IP cameras on average, though IP camera technology is improving in this regard.


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